Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Lunch today

Today, I met my boys for lunch. The institute on campus hosts a lunch most Wednesdays and just asks for a small donation to eat. I've never been before. I picked up Trotwood from pre-school and we went to the institute building for lunch. Mr. Rochester was supposed to meet us and a new friend for lunch but he was late arriving, so Trotwood and I sat down to eat next to some friends from church and across from some people we'd just met. I was chatting with someone and didn't realize Trotwood had started his own conversation with a girl across from us until I heard her laugh and say, "Aw, that's SO sweet!" Curious, I looked down at Trotwood next to me and he was smiling. Here is what happened:

Mom: "What did you say, sweetheart?"
Trotwood (whispers and grins): "My mommy makes me happy."
Mom (smiling): "You make me happy too."
My heart melted. I wish I could save that moment forever.

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Jani said...

Happy mom moments really don't get better than that. Love