Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Deep thoughts

While on the way to pick up Mr. Rochester from school yesterday, I was listening to NPR. There was some discussion going on about all the hype surrounding the Republican National Convention and who would be speaking there etc., etc. And of course, Mitt Romney's name was being repeated over and over again. Trotwood became curious about what was on the radio and here is the short conversation we had:

Trotwood: "Mommy, whas is a Romney mean?" (Whas = What is {he runs these two together sometimes when he's asking a question}Translation: What does Romney mean?)

Mommy: "Well, Romney is the name of someone who is running for the president of our country. Romney is his name."

Trotwood: "Ronnie? Like Ron Ron" (he has a friend named Ron and his parents sometimes call him Ron Ron)

Mommy: "No, ROM-ney."

Trotwood: "Rommee?"

Mommy: "Yes, that's better! Good job!

Trotwood: "Rommee." *pauses and thinks for a minute* "He is not my friend."

Oh, the deep thoughts of our little three-year old...

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