Friday, July 6, 2012


It's official. I'm going back to school in the fall and I'll be starting a master's program in Educational Technology. No, I'm not crazy and I feel like it's the right thing to do. Mr. Rochester has about three years left before he finishes his Ph.D. My job at work is turning into an instructional designer position this month so I figured with 90% off my tuition, I might as well go back and get the degree to actually be an instructional designer. (Also, it feels almost criminal to get that much of a discount off tuition for working at a University and not use it!) The master's program is completely online and it's non-thesis! Hooray!

And you know what, if I feel like it's too much of a burden on my family and I'm just going crazy, I'll quit. I mean, I already have one master's degree. This second one's just for fun. Sort of. I have great visions of doing instructional design contract work from home once Mr. Rochester has an amazing full-time faculty position somewhere. Mr. Rochester's salary will provide for our family and mine will provide for vacations. Hey, I can dream, right? Okay, in all reality, my contribution will probably go to pay off our student loans every month. Nevertheless, I'm going to do it and hopefully, I'll finish...maybe even before Mr. Rochester does. Just kidding. I wouldn't do that to him...we'll probably end up finishing about the same time because I'm just going to take it easy.


Michelle said...

Way to go Aria! You are amazing!

Jani said...

How great to go back and take advantage of your discount. Have fun!