Monday, July 30, 2012

Number 3

My sweet little boy turned three today. I can hardly believe he's been in our lives for three years now! Part of me doesn't even remember what it was like before we had him. I took off of work today and Mr. Rochester and I spent the day today doing whatever Trotwood wanted to do. First, we went to get donuts and while we were there Trotwood spotted this long, swirly lollipop and we said, "Sure, you can have a lollipop for breakfast." I mean, really, how is that much different that a donut?
Then we took him to Boingo Bounce, a local bounce house joint where he jumped, bounced, and slid his heart out. Even though it was his birthday, Mom and Dad insisted on a nap afterwards and he did not protest too much.
After a nap, he opened presents, we sang happy birthday and ate cake! Trotwood has really started to get into more superhero and robot type toys although his love of Toy Story toys still remains! He loves Transformers, Iron Man, Spiderman, and the Hulk. He also loves playing spaceships with his good buddy Clark. It's so much fun to just watch Trotwood use his imagination with his toys and since we don't have any "spaceships" at home, he makes a spaceship out of just about anything you can think of. For his birthday, we got him a few little superhero figurines and a largish Transformer RescueBot for his birthday. I think he was in heaven all day today. Mr. Rochester and I sure enjoyed just being together and participating in our little boy's fun-filled day. I love this photo below - a rare moment from today when our little fireball of energy took a moment to rest his head on his hands. About three seconds later, he was up and running again.

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Mary said...

Happy Birthday to the cutest little boy we know! Kara has been asking every day if he is coming to play! We sure love him!