Thursday, July 5, 2012

10 Lessons

This morning I learned several lessons about blenders and toddlers:
  1. If there's a button to push within reach, always assume it will be pushed. It's a simple law of nature that all toddlers are magnetically drawn to blenders. Why this isn't taught at some point is school is beyond me. Perhaps, it is common sense, but sometimes common sense can be very elusive. 
  2. Never turn your back on a blender that is plugged in.
  3. Never turn your back on a blender that is plugged in and the lid is off, even if you just turned around to put the lid in the sink and grab some cups from a cupboard.
  4. ALWAYS unplug the blender as soon as you are finished even if little hands are nowhere insight.
  5. Toddlers can be very quiet when they want to be. And very very sneaky. And very fast.
  6. When the blender button is pushed and the lid is off, your delicious mango breakfast shake will end up all over the counters and floors.
  7. When the blender button is pushed and the lid is off and your back is turned, don't turn around and scream at the top of your lungs in fright at the unexpected noise because it will startle and frighten your toddler who was just as startled and frightened at the noise the blender made when he pushed the button. 
  8. After the mess, make sure to comfort your frightened child and explain to him about blenders, lids and buttons.
  9. When you are preparing breakfast and have a vision of mango shake all over the floor, be more aware of whether the blender is plugged in or not when you're not using it.
  10. The Kitchen Aid blender works really, really well...with or without the lid on. 
Yes, we had an adventurous morning in our home but everything ended up well. Mom and Dad did get some mango shake for breakfast and Trotwood learned about blenders...although I'm sure it won't stop him from pushing buttons in the future.

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Mrs. Cinnamon said...

This is hilarious!!!! Of course, I probably only think that because it never happened to me! I was laughing from beginning to end!