Friday, March 9, 2012

Where we are

I know I haven't posted a real blog post in awhile. Doing the scrapbook pages has been a good outlet for me. It helps me be creative while expressing my feelings at the same time. So, where are we right now? Well, in all honesty, Mr. Rochester and I are doing okay. We have bad days and then we have better days and I think lately, we've been having more of the better days, which is good. We are so grateful to have our little, spunky Trotwood in our lives. He brings so much joy and laughter into our house every day...having him around makes it easier to cope.

Currently, we're in the process of seeking answers to our situation. It took awhile to get copies of all of our medical records together but yesterday, we were finally able to meet with a maternal fetal specialist for the first time. Actually, we ended up seeing two specialists and neither one of them could tell us exactly what our problem was. That was disappointing because after speaking with other doctors, I was already convinced that we must be facing a condition called NAIT. Yet, for different reasons, the specialists we spoke with yesterday were not convinced that NAIT was our issue or that our daughters suffered from the same condition. That was a surprise. The doctors went ahead and got a blood sample from me to have it tested and if my blood is positive for what they're looking for concerning NAIT, then they'll take Mr. Rochester's blood and hooray we will have a diagnosis. However, it may not turn out to be as easy at that - we'll just have to see.

These past two months, I've had some time to recover from my surgery and everything that's happened. I have loved being able to stay home with Trotwood and have treasured our time together. On Monday, I have to return to work and the craziness of life will again ensue. I want to thank everyone again for the thoughts, prayers, meals, cards, flowers and plants that have been sent our way. Forgive me if I did not personally send out a thank you letter to you for any service that you provided us at this time. We could certainly feel the love of others through their service to us and I believe that we have truly gained much peace and strength from all the prayers being offered up in our names.

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Joy said...

i'll be thinking about you tomorrow! i'm sorry you didn't get any definate answers, but hopefully you will find some soon. and, you're right! trotwood is spunky!!