Monday, March 19, 2012

Back to work

Well, my first week back at work went well. Of course, it was hard to leave Trotwood but I think he hardly noticed I was gone because he had so much fun playing with his friends on the days Mr. Rochester and I both worked. I'm so glad we have such wonderful friends who are willing to watch him for us when Mr. Rochester and I both have to work. Our evenings weren't too hectic either because I cooked a lot over the weekend. I think the key to my not be stressed out in the evenings after work is to have the house somewhat clean and to have something already prepared for dinner. This makes me do more meal prep work on the weekends but then we don't end up eating out so much and it doesn't take me long to whip something together in the evenings after work. But tonight, I didn't have to do anything because Mr. Rochester had a delicious meatloaf ready when I got home from work (it's Spring Break this week).

Oh, and I made it two whole days back at work before I ran into someone who excitedly asked, "So, how's the baby?" It was okay. I have a very visible job on campus so if I didn't work with someone on a regular basis and just saw them every month or so, then they had no idea what happened. They're really just being kind asking about her and honestly, if my daughter were here, I'd want to tell them everything she was doing: how's she's sleeping at night, how cute she is, how she and Trotwood get along. But, she's not here, so I make a short and sweet explanation, thank them for their inquiry, and then change the subject. I think changing the subject at that point does everyone a favor.

We're still waiting to find out the results of my blood test from over a week ago. I expect a call any day now. The doctors told us it would take at least seven days to find out anything. I'm really not sure what to expect. I hope we can find some answers.

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