Wednesday, March 7, 2012


This is another sort of art journaling layout. Very cathartic to do.


Cormorant said...

This is a sweet page about obviously difficult situations. I really like your perspective and your honesty about it all. You are a very strong woman, A. I really do admire and respect you. Loves.

Jani said...

You put into words so beautifully so many of the things I think and feel. Your daughters are real, they're yours, and they should always, always be recognized as such. I'm coming to realize that I don't care if I make prying people a little uncomfortable--they're the ones asking, after all.

Thankful Day said...

Although I I know I can't completely grasp the entirety of your personal struggles here, I too feel the pain and emptiness of your loss, as well as my own sorrow for your grief as my daughter. And I have struggled with answering the same questions regarding my children's children. My simple answer now is to say I have 15 granchildren, 2 of which are in heaven. Because we know they are. Somehow adding the "in heaven" tag seems to curtail questions and add a blessed closure to the conversation.