Monday, December 19, 2011

The date is set!

Well, a few weeks ago we set the date for the C-Section. My doctor wanted to do the surgery on January 18th, which will put me right at 39 weeks. When our doctor first mentioned this date, I was a little unsure about it. January 18th is the day our first child, who was also a girl, died. Yet, after thinking about it more, Mr. Rochester and I agreed that the 18th would actually be a really special day for our second daughter's if the Lord is blessing us with a new child on the day we lost of our first one. Of course, our second daughter will in no way replace our first daughter, but I feel peaceful about the date. We still celebrate January 16th as our first daughter's birthday but we focus on her birth and not so much her death, mainly because we're grateful we had the few days we had with her and that she is a part of our eternal family. In no way will the death of our first child overshadow the birth of our second daughter. As with my last pregnancy, I still think often about the uncertainties involved in having a baby. Although we haven't had any problems so far, ultrasounds have looked great, and I'm being monitored each week, anything could happen. There's nothing to guarantee me that my baby will be born healthy on the day she is supposed to arrive, but I still hope and pray for it...and I feel like everything is going to be okay.


Jani said...

How special to greet daughter #2 on the day you lost your sweet A. Will be saying lots of prayers that you have a safe, uneventful delivery and a super healthy baby girl.

Cormorant said...

I remember when you told me you were due in January, I thought a lot about A. And then when you found out you were having a girl, I felt like it really was a neat "coincidence"/blessing. How great that you get to welcome your 2nd little girl into your life at such a tender time. I love your outlook. We are and will continue to pray for a safe arrival!