Tuesday, November 22, 2011

It breaks my heart

I turned 31 last week. And no, that isn't quite what breaks my heart. I'm actually okay with being 30, oops, I mean 31. Besides being my birthday week, last week was also pretty much the busiest week of my life, so Mr. Rochester and I didn't celebrate until a few days after the day of my actual birthday. And so it happened that on Thursday night, we decided to go out to eat and Mr. Rochester's mom was all set to watch Trotwood for us.

Mr. Rochester's mom arrived and Trotwood was, as usual, excited to see his Nana. We snapped a few photos and happened to catch on camera the most heart-breaking look on Trotwood's face when the realization hit him that Mom and Dad were leaving him for a few hours, even though he'd get to play with his Nana. Apparently, this has happened before and it's only happened a few times when we've left him with a baby-sitter or with his Nana. Usually, the kid jumps at the chance to play with someone other than Mom and Dad, but it seems like every so often, he has separation issues. He doesn't scream or throw a fit...he just gets this look on his face and a single tear will escape from one of his eyes. It is absolutely heartbreaking and that night was the first time I'd ever seen it! Mr. Rochester had described it to me before but I'd never actually witnessed it.
Mr. Rochester's mom said it took her about 30 minutes to calm Trotwood down after we left...it's just so strange because he has never been like this until the last couple of months. It made me almost not want to go out because he looked so heartbroken. I couldn't get his sad, little face out of my mind the rest of the night. Actually, it's just burned into my consciousness and now that we have it on camera (which was a complete accident), I don't think I'll ever forget it. I hope we see more smiles and less sad faces in the future!

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