Sunday, November 6, 2011

Christmas Traditions Layout

Here are a few pictures from last Christmas which I don't think I ever posted. Don't mind how awful I look in the photos, I really just wanted to document the tradition that we are creating for Trotwood and our future children of letting them open up a present of pajamas on Christmas Eve. Mr. Rochester's family always did that when he was growing up and I just love the idea of giving our kids new pajamas to wear on Christmas Eve and having them wear them on Christmas morning to open presents.

I usually like to do 2-page layouts for most of my scrapbooking, mainly because I think the consistency looks nice in an album. Eventually, I'd like to print all of my pages out into neat, orderly albums and someday it will happen!
For this layout I used Karen Funk's Brown Paper Packages Mega Collection and Tiffany Tillman's Holiday Template, #17.


Desiree said...

We do the same thing! Beau asked me last year if there would still be PJs for him when he has his own family because he loves them. I told him that as long as I am around there will always be a set of warm PJs under my tree for those I love.

Thank You Flowers & Bouquets said...

We do this at our house! It seems it is more popular than I thought. I love this little tradition. I really like the way you have put the pics together.

France said...

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