Friday, August 19, 2011

Favorite activities

  1. Hanging upside down from the low-hanging clothes bar in my closet (notice there are no clothes on this level - Mom and Dad learned quickly).
  2. Filling up my crib with all my stuffed animals - this must occur at least twice a day.
  3. Putting together my animal puzzle - this happens many, many times throughout the day. Mom and Dad should really get me some more puzzles with animals on the pieces.
  4. Playing outside. I don't get to do this enough. Mom and Dad say it's too hot outside but really they are just tired in the evenings when it's not too hot. I still get to play outside but I want to play outside all day, every day.
  5. Swinging! My Grandma bought me a swing for my birthday and it's one of the best.things.ever.
  6. Watching the Black Stallion. I can't get enough of this movie. There's a wild, black horse and a boy. What else could there be to life?
  7. Playing horsey with Daddy. My dad is so much fun and he'll let me climb on his back and pretend like I'm riding a horse.
  8. Reading books. One of my favorite books is I'm Looking for a Monster. There's a really scary monster in the book and the other night, I wanted to give it a kiss. So, I did. And then I wanted to give it another kiss and Mommy pretended like it was going to bite me and I got scared so I don't want to kiss it anymore and now the monster kind of scares me even though I saw Mommy give it a kiss to show that it really doesn't bite anyone. I'm not sure if I can give that monster another kiss. It might try to bite me.
  9. Playing with my Woody and Buzz action figures...and watching Toy Story. I just love that Woody and Buzz.
  10. Climbing in the dryer and pretending to take a nap on any of the clothes that may still be in there. I really just like to play in the dryer. Sometimes I hide in there but I can't shut the door all the way but still, if I'm really quiet Mommy and Daddy have to look for me. Lately, they've been finding me a lot faster than they used to though. I may need to find a new hideout.

Friday, August 12, 2011

March 2012

I'm so excited for the new Hunger Games movie - I hope the movie does the books justice! This poster's been out for a few weeks but I just found it - I can't wait to see the trailer for this movie whenever it's released!

After reading these books, I tried reading a few other series about dystopian societies and I haven't found any others that I absolutely love. I enjoy the idea behind classic books like 1984 and Brave New World but in the end, they're all just kind of depressing. I love the Hunger Games because, for me, it had the right mix of sadness and overcoming in it.

Monday, August 8, 2011

So behind

Goodness, I'm so behind on blogging. It's all because I never take the time to take the pictures off of my camera and upload them to our blog, and sometimes, you just need pictures!

Trotwood turned 2 years old on July 30th. It really is unbelievable to me that my sweet, little boy has gotten so big. We had a small, family get together for his birthday and I think he really enjoyed it, especially the toys. He's really into Toy Story these days so his grandma bought him a Toy Story themed cake and of course, one of the Toy Story movies was playing in the background.
He also received several Toy Story themed toys. His Meme and Grandpa got him the Evil Dr. Pork Chop spaceship from Toy Story 3 and a Woody and Bullseye figurine. He absolutely loves the Pork Chop toy and has been running around the house with it yelling "Poke Shop!"
And Mr. Rochester and I got him the trash truck from the third movie.
All the photos are courtesy of my grandfather, who unlike myself, immediately emailed out the pictures the day after the get together. I love this one he took of Trotwood (just ignore the woman holding him).

Trotwood loved playing with his cousins, whom he hadn't seen since he was just a baby. Thanks, Grandma, for bringing them by!
A few days after Trotwood turned two, we went to his 2-year checkup. He's off the charts for his height and his weight has finally caught up with him. Although he's no chub, he's in the 75th percentile for his weight. The boy is 30 lbs and he's almost getting too heavy to hold!