Friday, July 29, 2011


With how hot it has been outside lately and how awful I've been feeling with these first few months of pregnancy, we've all been spending a lot of time relaxing indoors. Let me restate that, I've been relaxing, Trotwood doesn't do much relaxing unless he's asleep. All of this relaxing on my part brought about more movie watching and Trotwood's new love is the 1978 version of the Black Stallion movie. One day I noticed this was streaming on Netflix, and when we were kids, my sister and I used to watch this movie all the time, along with the sequel The Black Stallion Returns. So, naturally, wanting to relive my childhood memories and being exhausted from working all day, I coaxed my toddler into watching the movie with me and now, he's hooked. He runs around the house yelling "hors-ee, hors-ee" and has replaced his old horse sound of "neigh neigh" with a throaty "mmmmrrrpphhhhhh". It's hard to type out - I'll just have to get it on video so you can experience the cuteness of it.

I thought I'd read all of the Black Stallion books by Walter Farley when I was a kid, but after looking at the number of Black Stallion books on the website, I'm doubting that I read all of them. And even after all these years, I still love the 1978 version of the movie, especially because it's so fun to see Trotwood enjoy it.

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Kel said...

Having missed your July 14 announcement, allow me to congratulate you! And also, I'm glad you've found a movie to enjoy together with Trotwood. :) Around here it's a lot of X-Men cartoons. Yes, for my 3 year old daughter...