Wednesday, June 22, 2011


I feel like the last few months we've had some extremes in weather. In May we had lots of rain with scary looking clouds like this:
And now in June, we've had unnaturally hot temperatures for this area. Because of the heat, Mr. Rochester and I haven't been as eager to take Trotwood outside and play as much as he would like. We were at ToysRUs the other day and found this fun sprinkler attachment for our hose for only $8 and thought that Trotwood might enjoy running through the sprinkler some. At first, he wasn't quite sure what to think about it.

Once he figured it out, I think he thought it was pretty fun.

The boy still doesn't own a swimsuit, as he has never been to a pool yet. That will be next on our list. Looks like he likes being all wet.


EfR said...

Yeah for water!

Miss Summerson said...

Pardon, Mr. Rochester, I believe I must correct you. Don't you mean Yeah for "Wa-wee"! heehee