Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Saturday, Trotwood attended his first baseball game. This was quite an event for him since like his father, he is obsessed with as Trotwood calls it "B-ball!" Our very good friends had some free tickets to attend the minor league team that plays here and we went with them. The game began at 7 pm and of course it was hot and humid but we all really enjoyed ourselves. Although our tickets were for seats, our wise friend suggested that we all sit over in the grassy area in back of the field.

I will admit, at first, I doubted the wisdom of our friend's suggestion because of the hotness of the day, and the grassy area was in full sunlight. However, after about an hour, the sun disappeared behind some clouds and the evening actually turned into a nice evening to be outside. Of course, there was even more wisdom in our friend's suggestion: we both have small children. They have a son who is about six months old and Trotwood is almost two. Sitting in the stadium seats would have been absolute torture for Trotwood. Where we sat on the grass, he was able to run around and roll around in the grass and we could more easily keep him entertained. Oh, and the grassy area was much closer to the children's playground on the ballpark grounds.
The evening turned out fabulously, and I'm so glad we had the opportunity to go. I know Mr. Rochester really enjoyed being at the game with everyone.

Trotwood loved yelling and clapping along with everyone else at the game. He also enjoyed stealing his daddy's hat.

Hooray for baseball!


LAINA said...

Looks like a lot of fun. That is such a cute family picture of you.

Candy Fam said...

Awwww... remember when our boys played together and I had to drag all 3 small children? Oh the joys!!! Gosh, I miss you guys!!! Your little one is soooooo dang cute! I just want to squeeze him. :D

Miss Summerson said...

Ash, I do remember! You know, it was fun - I don't know how you kept track of your three at those games. I have a tough time keeping track of just ONE! We miss you guys too. I'm telling you...Arkansas isn't so bad where we are. You should come for a visit!