Thursday, May 5, 2011


We've had some some pretty crazy weather around here lately. This was our backyard a week ago. Outside of the Philippines, I have honestly never seen so much rain in all of my life. And not just rain, but constant thunder and lightning! It was just unbelievable. The school here even closed at the very end of the day last Monday because we'd gotten so much rain, roads and buildings were flooding. Lucky for us, we (and all of our loved ones) avoided the awful flooding and tornadoes that hit this part of the South.

Most of the time during the storms, Trotwood had his nose pressed against our glass door leading to the backyard. The thunder and lightning didn't scare him a bit - he just wanted to go outside and play! And between thunderstorms, I would have considered letting him go splash around our lake of a backyard had it not been so cold. Thankfully, we have a bright, sunshiney day outside today. Ever notice how people's moods seem to be affected by the weather? I swear, it was one gloomy week at work when we were having all those downpours and now, with the sun out, everyone seems to be much cheerier! I sure am.

{On a side note, I absolutely love our neighbor's red metal roof...}

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Michelle said...

That is a ton of rain! I'm glad you guys weren't hit by those tornadoes! Crazy weather!