Thursday, May 26, 2011

Trotwood's favorites

Every night before Trotwood goes to bed, we read stories to him. He has a bookshelf full of all sorts of books that Mr. Rochester and I have acquired for him, including ones that we used to have when we were younger. And, yet, despite the ever-growing library of children's literature that appears on his bookshelves, Trotwood really only has interest in the following books:
For the longest time, I'm Looking for a Monster! was the only book Trotwood wanted to read. His favorite books are pop-up and touch-and-feel books and this one is a pop-up book. All of the pictures are also done in colors that contrast each other like black and red or black and lime green or black and turquoise. This book has actually gotten so much love that a few of the monsters have been torn and one of the monsters is actually torn completely off. Since it was such a favorite of Trotwood's, I've considered buying a newer copy just to have on hand.

We discovered Matthew Van Fleet books one day at Barnes & Noble when looking to see what kinds of pop-up books are out there. One of Trotwood's aunts bought him the Heads book for Christmas and we bought him the Alphabet book, also as a Christmas present. Although these books are a little pricey, they are definitely worth it. The art is wonderful as are the different interactive parts of the books. We recently discovered a Dogs book by Matthew Van Fleet. Since Trotwood is completely obsessed with dogs, I think this might be a good birthday present!

Someone gave us this Baby McDonald on the Farm book. Honestly, it's not my favorite book but Trotwood adores it. He loves the pictures of the farm animals and it's also another touch-and-feel book.

And just recently, Trotwood has started watching TV! I don't know if this is awful of me or not, but I'm so happy about that. Because now when I need to empty the dishwasher or cook dinner, I can put on a DVD for him to watch and he will actually sit down and watch it! This keeps me from worrying about whether he's "helping" put away the clean knives while I've got my back turned putting dishes away. Pretty much the only time we park him in front of the TV is if we're desperate to get a few things around the house done. It doesn't always work though because most of the time, he'd much rather be outside.We're not sure how this happened, but somehow, Trotwood discovered Elmo. I swear, one morning, he just woke up with the word "Elmo" on his lips. Months ago, Mr. Rochester and I had purchased The Best of Elmo's World, Volume 2 but we'd given up on that after many failed attempts. So, it had truly been months since Elmo's name had been mentioned in our house. Anyhow, he absolutely loves Elmo now and it might be about time for us to get The Best of Elmo's World, Volume 1.
Trotwood's other favorite movie right now is Bolt. Of course, he loves it because it is about a dog, but it is also very action-packed. Actually, it's a really cute movie. We're trying to get him to delve into other dog movies but usually he just wants to watch Bolt.


EfR said...

Thank goodness for those books and movies!

Desiree said...

All of our kids love to read books and the kids books are always fun as grown ups to read too!