Wednesday, May 11, 2011


A few weeks ago, Mr. Rochester and I decided it was time we tackled the flower bed in front of our house. So, one Saturday we bought some mulch and some different plants and shrubs to plant and thought, "Oh, all we'll need to do is pull up a few weeds and we'll be ready to plant. However, the flower bed had other ideas. Apparently, we had actual grass growing in the flower bed...grass that was growing through old weed control fabric that had been put down who knows when! Plus, there were huge roots to old shrubs under the old weed control fabric. I battled some nasty weeds for awhile. Here I am holding up my prize.
Trotwood is just happy to be outside. We planted all sorts of different green and flowering shrubs and a few different decorative type plants. Although I feel that owning a house is making me more domesticated, I still cannot tell you from memory the names of the plants we planted aside from boxwood and rhododendron.
It took us a few weeks to find the time to finish our flowerbed and Mr. Rochester and I are really pleased with how it turned out. Also, we no longer feel like our yard is the complete shame of the neighborhood...although we still have a weedy yard and a tree that needs to come down. All in good time, I say.

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Amber T said...

It really looks great!! We need to have you guys over to tackle that area by our front door...we will just hook you up with lawn chairs and lemonade and you can tell us what to do! We are USELESS on these types of matters! Ha!