Thursday, May 5, 2011


I know I'm a week or two late, but we had a wonderful Easter! On Saturday, we met with some friends and had an Easter egg hunt at the church. Of course, the hunt was supposed to take place outside but due to the constant downpour, we moved the hunt inside.

At first, Trotwood wasn't quite sure what to do with the eggs. However, once he figured out there was candy inside the plastic eggs, he wasn't as interested in acquiring more eggs as he was in breaking open and shoving candy into his mouth with the ones he already had.

On Sunday, we had a visit from the Easter bunny. That's him below. He lives in our backyard under our shed and amazingly enough, he made an appearance on Easter Sunday between rainstorms, of course. (For those of you wondering if I am serious, I am - this rabbit actually does live in our backyard under our shed.)
As you can see, Trotwood cleaned up on Easter morning!
Once we began our Easter Egg hunt in our living room, Trotwood cracked open his plastic eggs and went to town on the jelly beans inside. Since he doesn't often eat candy, we let him spoil himself that morning. Notice his cheeks full of jelly beans as he reaches for another egg.
Then we went to church...and Trotwood had no nap before our 1 pm church. And guess who gets to be in nursery with him. Yep, that's me. A few months ago I was called as nursery worker. And can I just say that I think my child was not the only one who'd eaten lots of sugar and had no nap before church that Easter Sunday. Boy, did we have a fun and noisy bunch!

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Caitlin said...

I love his basket! that is too cute!