Thursday, April 7, 2011

Shop Hop

Last Friday, my mom came to visit and we participated in the Spring Fling Shop Hop where we visited many of the quilt stores in this area. We've done this every spring for the past three years and it's so much fun.
We shopped.
And we hopped.
And we got t-shirts.
Because I feel like I already have so many unfinished projects, I made myself be really good and I didn't buy anything. However, now I'm regretting my decision just a teensy bit. One of the stores we visited had some beautiful orange fabric in just-my-style patterns and upon closer inspection, I found out that some of the fabric was from Denyse Schmidt's Katie Jump Rope line! That's not something you see every day at fabric shops in this area. I'm proud of myself for resisting and I think it's time to finish up some of my current projects before I go buying more materials!

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Amber T said...

Cute picture of you guys - what a fun tradition!