Friday, April 8, 2011

Indian Butter Chicken

Last night I made this Indian Butter Chicken recipe over white Jasmine rice and it was divine! Usually, Mr. Rochester and I eat long grain brown rice but I just knew Jasmine rice would be perfect with this dish. And it was! A few years ago, Mr. Rochester and I were in London and we met my cousin for dinner. She ordered Butter Chicken and I had a taste of it. Ever since then I've wanted to eat it again but never got the chance...until now. I'm not sure how authentic this recipe is - all I know is that it was absolutely delicious and super easy to make. The $11 we spent on the cardamom was totally worth it (we already had the other spices the recipe needed). This is definitely going to be made in our household again!


Amber T said...

I hereby invite myself to dinner! lol!!

Miss Summerson said...

I am DEFINITELY making this again and will let you guys know when I do. However, next time I make it, I'm going to attempt making some Indian Naan bread to go with it. yum

~Rani said...