Friday, March 11, 2011


I've been in a funk lately, not about anything specific just everything in general! Does that make sense? It's okay if it doesn't because it doesn't make much sense to me. I think it all began with our entire household being sick a few weeks ago. My brain and body have just been all jumbled since then. Before we got sick, I was on a great workout schedule and could really feel myself getting stronger each day. On Monday I started working out again and even though I only missed two weeks of working out, I just feel weak now. My body won't do the things that I was doing before I got sick and I've been exhausted all weak. For crying out loud, it was only the stomach flu/a cold/and possibly the regular flu all mixed together and passed among the three of us!

I'm not sure if I mentioned this or not in past blogs, but I recently figured out that I need to exercise even if sometimes I don't want to. Exercise helps me regulate myself - my emotions, my physical health, everything - somehow it ends up motivating me in all aspects of my life. I discovered that I feel happier when I consistently exercise and it's easier for me to find joy in everyday life. So, perhaps, this current funk I'm in stems from missing two weeks of exercise and I just need this week to start things over again and trigger my endorphins. I'm not sure but I do need to change something up whether it is dive more into daily scripture study, watch a good movie, change up my blog header (which really does need a change), go shopping or do something artistic. I'm open to suggestions!

On another note, the new Jane Eyre comes out in theaters today, if you happen to be lucky enough to live close to one of the select theaters where they are showing it. We, unfortunately, do not happen to be so lucky and I will just be patient and wait for it on Netflix.

{P.S. For those of you reading this and smirking to yourself, no, I am not pregnant.}


Desiree said...

I totally understand. When I get like that I either get a haircut or start and complete a craft. it helps. I hope I can get get that way with work outs right now i am still at the lets get this over with phase.

Cormorant said...

I hate getting funky! ;)

Seriously though, I'm the same way. If I don't exercise for two or three days, I notice it! I'm much less patient and much more pessimistic. I like to exercise for the physical aspect, but really, it helps me more emotionally/mentally. I love being able to accomplish something hard and I love the feeling I get after exercising.

Here's my suggestion: if you don't already have a work-out buddy, get one. I go in the morning for so many reasons (having energy for the day, helping me not sleep in, not taking time away from hubby & kids, just getting it done) and if I didn't have a work-out buddy, I'd never wake up! We don't always do the exact same work-out; sometimes she'll run while I lap swim or sometimes we both go to a cycle class. Regardless, we know that we have to get up for each other.

Also, if I get done working out early enough, I'll have time to either shower or read my scriptures or both before the kids wake up for the day. Having that done before they get up is SO helpful when the day starts getting busy. Or even if it's not busy, I like to feel like I'm prepared to be a good mom for the day.

Anyway, don't get demotivated. I hate "funks." I get them frequently too. I can't just try to get over them without taking actual steps to do so. Even though I sometimes think I'm so easy-going and carefree, I know myself well enough to realize when I have to make actual goals and accomplish something (dang that logical/efficient/whatever junk). Good luck!

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Annika said...

I hear you Aria! I have been in that same funk. We have been sick at my house for the past two weeks. We are all starting to feel better, but it sure is hard to get out of the funk.

I have learned that I have to exercise also. I finally got on the bike trainer this morning, and I had a much better day. I'll be glad when my energy is up again, and I can get back into my work-out routine.

I have realized the last couple of days how grateful I am for good overall health for me and my family. I'm so glad that we don't have a major illness. I really feel for families that deal with physical limitations or on-going illnesses. It is so hard to stay positive when health issues are bogging things down.

Thanks for the post Aria. I'm so glad that I'm not alone. Spring is around the corner, and I'm hoping that means healthy, happy family with lots of time outside in the sunshine.