Monday, February 7, 2011

February Snow

Last week we got a lot of snow for our area! Luckily, the amount of ice we got was minimal and there weren't any major power outages like what happened two years ago. The school closed for three days so I had three days off of work to just be at home. It was a good thing too because both Mr. Rochester and Trotwood were sick the entire time I was home and I was there to act as nurse! Mr. Rochester has a nasty cold and Trotwood had his first real fever ever of 103 degrees and he had it for two days off and on. We even braved the roads to take him to the doctor but he didn't have the flu or strep and he wasn't teething at all, so the fever was a mystery. He seems to be doing better now though.

I sort of had a small freak-out moment when the thermometer went up to 103. Whenever Trotwood gets sick, I worry. I've just heard or read so many nightmarish stories from people who have lost children and of course, those stories are glued to my brain, so I worry way too much when he's sick. I still check on him every night before I get in bed to make sure he's okay and still breathing. I know, that's a little paranoid, and I'm sure I'll grow out of it, especially when we have more kids and I'm more used to them getting sick. We've been blessed that Trotwood has only been sick a few times and he seems to stay pretty healthy. So, as much as Trotwood pressed his nose against the glass panes on our back door to get a better look at the snow, we did not go out and play in it.

We're supposed to be getting more snow tonight and tomorrow. Is it bad luck to hope for another day off when I had three off last week? Here's a picture of what our backyard looked like last week.

Planter pot covered in snow. That plant has long been dead.

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