Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Creative Team

In November, I submitted an application to be on the Creative Team for a woman who creates word art for digital scrapbooking and she invited me to be on her Creative Team! Hooray for me! She has lots of free stuff available at her blog, Word Art World, and that's how I originally found out about her Creative Team call. You can see my name on the right hand side of her blog as part of her Creative Team. Unfortunately, if you click on my name it just goes to her online gallery at, the website where she sells her word art. It looks like most of the other Creative Team members have some sort of a scrapbooking website...maybe I should make a digital scrapbooking related blog too, but honestly, I'm lucky if I update this one on a regular basis!

Anyway, being on the Creative Team just means that she'll send me her products and I'm supposed to make scrapbook layouts with them and display them in her online gallery. I'm also supposed to display them in two other online galleries of my choice. Click here to see some of my layouts. I haven't done very many yet, but should be posting a few more each month (even though it's all digital, scrapbooking still takes time)! Most of the layouts are of Trotwood, of course, but don't be surprised if we've seen each other lately and I've had my camera, if your picture shows up in one of my layouts!

I've recently just started trying to get back into scrapbooking and I've started doing everything digitally. There are tons of sites out there with free digital scrapbooking downloads and that's how I got started. I usually just download the free stuff unless I find something I absolutely love and then I'll buy it, but I don't feel as guilty scrapbooking with digital elements (especially when they were free)! The real expense will happen when I decide to print out my digital scrapbook.

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EfR said...

I love your work!