Wednesday, November 17, 2010

It begins

I suppose I spoke too soon in yesterday's post. This morning, Trotwood woke up at 6 am. After letting him fuss for awhile, I got him out of bed, changed his diaper, and gave him a sippy cup of milk before leaving him to play in his room with his door closed while I got ready for work. He is used to this routine and usually just plays in his room until he yells for another diaper change (it's like clockwork). Around 7:30, Trotwood started yelling and I figured it was time to let him out of his room. Since my ride for work would arrive any minute, I asked Mr. Rochester if he wanted me to let Trotwood out of his room or if he was just going to do it after he finished getting ready. Mr. Rochester said to wait. So, I did. I hurried into the kitchen to get my breakfast together and suddenly, the yelling from Trotwood's room stopped. Oh, I thought, he must have found something else in his room to entertain him for a few minutes. He's probably pulling out all of his clothes from his drawers {a favorite activity of his}. Then, I turn around.
And there he is.
Right behind me.
With a look that says
Look at me, mommy!
I'm not in my room anymore,
and I did it all by myself!
And, so, it begins.
{P.S. I used to be thankful for doorknobs, but now I am thankful for child safety locks. Because, really, they keep my child safe.}


Desiree said...

LOL!!!!!! I know that feeling so well. When Chase figured out the doorknob thing we knew we were in trouble! Good luck!

Mrs. Cinnamon said...

LOL!!! So your son has found his doorknob and my son might be losing his soon!! Every time i turn around that door is closed again!!! I've been thinking of removing the knob altogether!!!

Michelle said...

now nothing is safe!!! agh!!!