Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I'm thankful for the ability that we have to set and achieve goals for ourselves. Recently, I was talking to someone about a lofty goal of mine that could also be categorized as a dream, and my friend jokingly said "I think you should grow up!" Instead of trying to achieve this lofty goal, my friend thought I should put aside the starry eyed child in me and accept the life of adulthood, no matter how drab and boring it may be at times. In a way, my friend has a good point. Sometimes, you just need to be realistic, but I also think it is important that we find things in our every day lives that give us enjoyment and achievement. We need to make goals and be able to feel successful about ourselves, and I'm grateful that I can do that. It's nice to be able to make goals and see the progress I've made toward some of them while some of them are goals.

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Desiree said...

I think you are right. Without dreams and goals what are we living for?