Monday, November 8, 2010


Like us, I'm sure everyone else with children is suffering from the after effects of Daylight Savings Time but I have some questions.

Will my child ever get used to the time change or will he continue to wake up an hour earlier until we "spring forward"? I need answers, people! I'm not loving my child being awake at 6 am or earlier the last two mornings - I've got things to do while he sleeps!

Saturday night, I thought I was so smart by keeping him up an hour later because I was thinking, of course, he'll be so tired he'll want to sleep in later that next day. Not so. Trotwood's internal alarm clock woke him up at his normal time, which of course, is an hour earlier now. Thanks a million, to whoever thought up Daylight Savings Time!


Shells said...

Move to Arizona. We don't have DST and don't have to change schedules.

Mrs. Cinnamon said...

I remember being so desperate to "fool" the kids that we bought black out shades for their rooms at one of the places we lived!! LOL
I know it's stressful....hang in there!!

Sarbear said...

Eventually they get used to it. Just like they might start getting used to a time change during a vacation. Right now I am enjoying putting them to bed an hour earlier. My boys are old enough to know that if it doesn't say 7 yet they can't get me up :-)

Doodle On Yoo said...

Yup, here in AZ, no worries.

But, when we had to deal with it in Utah: I would try to still put them down at the same time (by their clock not the one in the kitchen) and slowly changed it by a few minutes. It usually took a week or two, but they eventually adjusted. Either earlier bed time or I'd leave them in the crib for a few minutes.