Thursday, November 18, 2010


Definition: bunso \BOON so\, noun
1. A filipino term meaning youngest.
The gentleman in this picture surrounded by two children is my younger brother. He is the bunso in our family and I am so grateful for him! My younger brother is a super smart guy with a great sense of humor. Again, I'm not sure if we really became "friends" until we were both older with much of that being due to my being a selfish teenager who thought it was uncool to hang out with a brother four years her junior. Now, I'd say he's pretty cool, at least according to my standards. It's so fun to talk with him about movies, music, or politics and just exchange friendly banter. We don't talk half as much as I'd like (as with all my siblings) but we all have busy lives and I'm just glad we can keep in touch via blogs and facebook. My younger brother has been such a great example of fortitude, determination, and overcoming obstacles in his life. I'm so grateful for his example and grateful that he is our bunso!

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Desiree said...

I think most siblings form stronger relationships once they are grown. I love the picture!