Monday, September 13, 2010


The little giraffe Trotwood is holding has recently become one of his favorite toys. He walks around with it, hugs it, bites it, snuggles it, throws it and much more (although I've yet to see him sleep with it...maybe because we haven't given him the chance). Mr. Rochester has also said lately that Trotwood is getting bossy with his toys. We've started to hear some stern tones to his babblings whenever he is playing with his giraffe or some of his other toys. With all his yells, sharp tones, and finger pointing, he is definitely making demands or giving orders to his toys. I often wonder what is going through our little boy's head.

On a side note, yesterday at church, during the sacrament prayers, Trotwood throws a hymnal at the man sitting behind us and hits him - during the prayer! Luckily, the man was unhurt and completely understanding about it but we really have to watch this kid. Who knows who he could be injuring during the next prayer at church?! Beware to all those sitting in pews near us!


Mrs. Cinnamon said...

that's really cute!! He was just taking advantage of having no one watching!! Smart boy for sure!!
And super sweet with Giraffe!!

Cormorant said...

Trotwood must be the same age as Isaac. :) They sleep in the same position, love stuffed animals the same, and have the same tendency to throw things! Silly boys.

Love your patriotism and your outside activities as well.

Caitlin said...

Kind of scared to close my eyes around him now! :P

Desiree said...

maybe the spirit just moved him during the prayer!!!!! Also, I think he is preparing to be a good older brother.