Sunday, August 29, 2010

Business Time

Mr. Rochester's uncle and grandmother were in town this weekend visiting his parents so once again, we made the trek to visit Mr. R's parents. On our trip down, Trotwood gave us four hours of this face with its accompanying sounds.Besides Trotwood's four hours of unhappiness (I'm not kidding, the kid was only silent for about 30 minutes when he was sleeping), Mr. Rochester got a migraine. We love being able to visit with our family, but sometimes Trotwood just can't handle being in the car for that long.

We had a great, albeit short, visit and Trotwood got to meet his great-grandmother on Mr. Rochester's side.

Our returning car ride was much better, which can probably be attributed to the animal crackers and whale snacks I handed to Trotwood to put in his mouth whenever he made a complaining noise. At one point, he was even in such a good mood that he started grooving to the music, which was actually a song called Business Time by Flight of the Conchords.

I'm interested to know if moving to music an innate sort of thing. Trotwood has just recently started "dancing" at home whenever music comes on. It's not something Mr. Rochester and I often do either - we don't just break out into dance during the end credits of a movie...Anyway, enjoy the video!


James and Sarah Narramore said...

So cute! MaK loves to dance all the time! He is getting so big and looking so grown up.

Desiree said...

you should see chase get down. Btw, I know a great rest stop about an hour and a half from arkadelphia and I hear they have food and entertainment too! Just saying!