Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Trotwood has really started to enjoy his bathtime a lot more. A few months ago, it was all we could do to get him to stand in the bathtub {he absolutely would not sit down} while we washed him. Now, he's started to play with bathtime toys and enjoys splashing and sliding around. The other day during bathtime I'd gotten him all soaped up but hadn't rinsed him off yet, and he really caught me by surprise when all slippery and soapy, he nose-dived off the side of the bathtub and suceeded in climbing out of the bathtub. Mr. Rochester just happened to be nearby with the camera when it happened.
Trotwood sure seemed pretty pleased with himself afterwards.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Business Time

Mr. Rochester's uncle and grandmother were in town this weekend visiting his parents so once again, we made the trek to visit Mr. R's parents. On our trip down, Trotwood gave us four hours of this face with its accompanying sounds.Besides Trotwood's four hours of unhappiness (I'm not kidding, the kid was only silent for about 30 minutes when he was sleeping), Mr. Rochester got a migraine. We love being able to visit with our family, but sometimes Trotwood just can't handle being in the car for that long.

We had a great, albeit short, visit and Trotwood got to meet his great-grandmother on Mr. Rochester's side.

Our returning car ride was much better, which can probably be attributed to the animal crackers and whale snacks I handed to Trotwood to put in his mouth whenever he made a complaining noise. At one point, he was even in such a good mood that he started grooving to the music, which was actually a song called Business Time by Flight of the Conchords.

I'm interested to know if moving to music an innate sort of thing. Trotwood has just recently started "dancing" at home whenever music comes on. It's not something Mr. Rochester and I often do either - we don't just break out into dance during the end credits of a movie...Anyway, enjoy the video!

Car trips

On our car trips, Dad usually drives while Mom sits in the passenger seat. Trotwood sits in the backseat...all alone. See how happy he is. After two hours of this face and vociferous demands by Trotwood, Mom moves to the back seat. See how much more fun this is?
I'm not sure how much I would like being cooped up in a carseat either.
Only another hour or so to go until home. Everyone is tired but much happier.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Hugs & Biscuits

On our most recent weekend trip to visit Mr. Rochester's family, we took the scenic route. I actually prefer this two-lane highway as opposed to the interstate. The landscape is absolutely beautiful driving through the Ozarks and worth any minor irritation you may feel to being stuck behind the occasional motorhome or when traffic stops on one side of the road out of respect for a funeral caravan. We've begun taking the scenic route more often on our weekend excursions to the south of the state and each time we take this route, we pass a little gas station called Hugs & Biscuits #2. Every time we pass this gas station, Mr. Rochester and I joke about the possible origins of its name and we talk about taking a picture of it. Well, on our most recent trip, after 2+ hours of being in his carseat, Trotwood was really upset and we just so happened to pull over at H&B#2. I couldn't resist taking a snapshot.
What I want to know is, whatever happened to Hugs & Biscuits #1?

Friday, August 27, 2010

Big Head Boy

See how big Trotwood is getting? I took these pictures a week or so before he turned one so I could put them on the invitation to his party.We went to his 1 year check up and here are his stats:
Weight: 22 lbs 40th%tile
Height: 31 in. 90th%tile
Head: 95th%tile
That's right our little boy apparently has quite the noggin although I personally don't think it's abnormally proportioned to his body. He is just beautiful to me and I'm sure always will be. Mr. Rochester and I laughed when they told us Trotwood's head percentile - our little boy with the big head! teehee I still think Trotwood is a bit skinny even though I suppose he is at a normal weight. He doesn't have and has never really had those squeezable, Michelin Man arms and legs that some babies have.

I love this photo (wish I hadn't cut off his foot - it's hard to catch a toddler on the move)!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Trotwood turned 1!

We celebrated Trotwood's first birthday a few weeks ago (this blog post is sorely overdue but I'm going to post it anyway). I just can't believe he is already a year old or how big he is! He walks all over the house and is constantly babbling about something. His hair is getting longer and he has such sweet, baby curls, I can't bring myself to get him a haircut. Trotwood is definitely one of those rough and tumble little boys! If he's not trying to climb out of the bathtub in the middle of a bath, he's jumping and then falling off an ottoman or trying to find new ways to get around the baby locks on our kitchen cabinet doors. Every day the boy sports a new scrape, cut or bruise! He's even already figured out how to open the dishwasher. Because of this we can no longer load the silverware into the dishwasher until right before we run it - if we don't do this, we're likely to find him happily walking around waving a sharp piece of flatware as he goes. Yes, this has happened before, and no, we're not negligent or awful parents. The kid has stealth.

For his first birthday, we invited just a few friends over who had children. My mom and Mr. Rochester's parents were able to come and it was nice to visit with some family and friends. Instead of a cake, I made this recipe for S'mores cupcakes, recipe courtesy of Bakerella. I had no idea how much I loved marshmellows until the past few years. I thought the cupcakes turned out deeeelicious.

Before his first birthday, Trotwood hadn't really tasted processed sugar so he didn't seem too sure about it, at first. He warmed up to it after his first few bites.

I really think Trotwood enjoyed his birthday celebration! There were kids everywhere and he loves interacting with other people - be it children or adults. The boy is just not afraid of anyone! You'd think with all the excitement, he would have been in desperate need of a nap but he was so happy after his party, we didn't make him take another nap that day (he'd already had a morning one).

In my opinion, Trotwood's favorite playthings that day were the balloons. Mr. Rochester bought Trotwood and Elmo balloon and another balloon that sang "Happy Birthday" whenever you yanked on the string. Trotwood hardly let that Elmo balloon out of his sight the entire day (he's holding it with one hand while eating his cupcake with the other hand in the picture above). And almost 30 days after his birthday, the singing happy birthday balloon is unbelievably still full of helium and still sings whenever Trotwood pulls on the string, which he continues to do multiple times a day.

We had a great time celebrating with everyone and are so grateful to everyone who wished him a happy birthday!