Friday, July 23, 2010

Mending, perhaps?

I think I should probably do a little mending to Trotwood's bumper pads, what do you think?Trotwood has absolutely destroyed the beautiful bumper pads my mom made for him. I just loved the dinosaurs she appliqued to the sides of the bumper pads! (Apparently, he loved them too...just a little too much.)
He has completely ripped through the side of one of the pads. This probably happened from one of the many times after he's woken up, we walk into his room to find him happily stomping on the bumper pads. I'm not sure how many ties are left that are actually attached to the bumper pads and the crib. The crib looks like this right now. Oh, but we can't take the bumper pads out and just not use them! No, our little boy cannot sleep if he isn't snuggled up to the bumper pads during the night. Usually, he has his face buried in the corner of one of the bumper pads. And now, I think he must be in heaven because he can snuggle up with all of them!


EfR said...

Oh my!

Desiree said...

This was so funny!!!!! And holy moly he is long!