Thursday, July 15, 2010

Just us.

Since it's been about a month, I figured it was time for an update. We're all moved into our house and for the most part, we're unpacked, except for the garage but in my opinion, that shouldn't count. Hooray! We absolutely love having more room and being in our own place. I will post pictures someday once I take pictures and the house is somewhat clean. It's just so hard to keep clean when you have Trotwood the Tornado going everywhere and getting into everything.

Trotwood is going to turn 1 year at the end of the month! Unbelievable. I just can't believe how much he has grown up this past year. In June, he took his first steps and now he's walking more regularly although he chooses crawling as his preferable mode of transportation when he wants to get somewhere quickly. Trotwood has 5 teeth now and a nub with 2 or 3 more pushing to come in. He is a handful but a joyful one and we are so happy he is ours!

Last week, Mr. Rochester turned in the first draft of his thesis. Hooray! He's planning on defending his thesis in August and hopes he cane make any of the necessary changes before the fall semester begins.

I got a new job at the university and will be starting in August. It's just a tiny bump up from where I am right now but the big change is the title change. Starting in August, I will be the Program Coordinator for any and all trainings and events put on by Human Resources at the University. {I know, Human Resources. It's okay, you people whom I told that I would never work in Human Resources, you can go ahead and laugh.} I'm excited to change jobs, especially because I feel like the change in title will get me away from secretarial work and will give me more visibility on campus for better jobs in the future. When we moved here two years ago, I had just obtained my Master of Public Administration degree and tried endlessly to obtain a non-secretary job but with the situation of the economy, I was lucky to get any sort of job. So, that's of today.


Michelle said...

Congrats on the new job girl! That's so great! I can't believe that your little boy will be one already! Such a cutie!

Desiree said...

I am so happy you got that job!!!! A title means a lot in just how you even feel about your job. I am also a little amazed that he is turning 1 this month! He really is growing so fast. Soon he will be running around with Chase playing catch and terrorizing Leah! Congrats again!

Natalie R. said...

Lots of exciting things going on!! Congrats with everything, good luck with the thesis and the new job, and keep having fun your little mini tornado!