Friday, July 23, 2010

Mending, perhaps?

I think I should probably do a little mending to Trotwood's bumper pads, what do you think?Trotwood has absolutely destroyed the beautiful bumper pads my mom made for him. I just loved the dinosaurs she appliqued to the sides of the bumper pads! (Apparently, he loved them too...just a little too much.)
He has completely ripped through the side of one of the pads. This probably happened from one of the many times after he's woken up, we walk into his room to find him happily stomping on the bumper pads. I'm not sure how many ties are left that are actually attached to the bumper pads and the crib. The crib looks like this right now. Oh, but we can't take the bumper pads out and just not use them! No, our little boy cannot sleep if he isn't snuggled up to the bumper pads during the night. Usually, he has his face buried in the corner of one of the bumper pads. And now, I think he must be in heaven because he can snuggle up with all of them!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Baby food

About a month ago, I gave in and started making Trotwood's baby food from scratch. When I first heard about people making their own baby food, I thought, "Gee, what a waste of time!" It takes enough time and effort to make my own dinner. With working full-time, I was definitely convinced that using the pureed Gerber foods you could buy at the store was the best option for me. And I did use them...until about a month ago when Trotwood's appetite increased so much that he was eating 2-3 jars of baby food per meal time. After doing a quick cost-benefit analysis, I decided it would be cheaper to make his baby food than buy it.

Several months ago, I was talking to a friend about making your own baby food (and how I wasn't going to do it) and she shared this website with me that gives you recipes and tells you step by step how to make and store the baby food. So far, I've made the fish chowder, pork chops & applesauce, and macaroni and cheese recipes, and Trotwood has really liked them all. Usually, I just make the food, puree, and then freeze it in a silicone muffin pan. After they're sufficiently frozen in muffin shape, I transfer them to freezer bags (I only have the one silicone muffin pan).

I have also used another website just as a reference for pureeing and storing food. This website listed some lentil baby food recipes and since I had some lentils on hand, I tried making their recipe mix of lentils, brown rice, and carrots (which didn't sound too bad, in my opinion). However, after all my hard work and sweat, Trotwood just didn't seem to appreciate a good lentil and wants nothing to do with it!

So, the battle began...and I wasn't going to lose.

I tactically gave him a bite of sweet potatoes to mask the lentils.

He quickly figured out my strategy and defended by simply turning his head at the sight of the spoon.

I changed positions, made some "choo choo" train noises, and received a grin, which then gave me the advantage to empty the spoon in his mouth and once again achieve victory.

After that, Trotwood resorted to brute force to ward off the offending spoon.

The battle ended in a truce. Mom decided to put down the spoon and let Trotwood "feed" himself the last remnants of his meal. This made Mom happy since the bowl was empty and Trotwood felt victorious since he got to squish his food everywhere.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Just us.

Since it's been about a month, I figured it was time for an update. We're all moved into our house and for the most part, we're unpacked, except for the garage but in my opinion, that shouldn't count. Hooray! We absolutely love having more room and being in our own place. I will post pictures someday once I take pictures and the house is somewhat clean. It's just so hard to keep clean when you have Trotwood the Tornado going everywhere and getting into everything.

Trotwood is going to turn 1 year at the end of the month! Unbelievable. I just can't believe how much he has grown up this past year. In June, he took his first steps and now he's walking more regularly although he chooses crawling as his preferable mode of transportation when he wants to get somewhere quickly. Trotwood has 5 teeth now and a nub with 2 or 3 more pushing to come in. He is a handful but a joyful one and we are so happy he is ours!

Last week, Mr. Rochester turned in the first draft of his thesis. Hooray! He's planning on defending his thesis in August and hopes he cane make any of the necessary changes before the fall semester begins.

I got a new job at the university and will be starting in August. It's just a tiny bump up from where I am right now but the big change is the title change. Starting in August, I will be the Program Coordinator for any and all trainings and events put on by Human Resources at the University. {I know, Human Resources. It's okay, you people whom I told that I would never work in Human Resources, you can go ahead and laugh.} I'm excited to change jobs, especially because I feel like the change in title will get me away from secretarial work and will give me more visibility on campus for better jobs in the future. When we moved here two years ago, I had just obtained my Master of Public Administration degree and tried endlessly to obtain a non-secretary job but with the situation of the economy, I was lucky to get any sort of job. So, that's of today.

Finally...some family photos!

Yesterday, we finally had some family photographs taken! A friend of mine at work is an amateur photographer and said she would practice on our family. I think they turned out splendidly. Here are a few of them.

I've decided my new goal is for us to take some sort of family photo every 3 or 4 months (even if it's just a snapshot). This past year, I've taken lots of photos but they have been mainly of Trotwood and Mr. Rochester and I haven't been in many of them. Well, all of that is going to change (especially since my friend from work said she would take our pictures in the fall again)!