Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Open doors

At our old rental house, we only "baby-proofed" the living room area and that is where Trotwood usually would play. The kitchen was gated off and we closed all the doors to the other bedrooms. Well, whenever Trotwood noticed that a door happened to be left open he would put his crawl into warp speed and laughed this almost maniacal laugh as he hurried to get inside the door before we could shut it. We caught this on tape just for your viewing pleasure. video
{P.S. I plan on baby-proofing our entire new house as much as I can so he has more freedom to explore.}


Desiree said...

Can I just say that this video has made my morning a lot better

Michelle said...

haha That is too cute! I love his little laugh he does. It's like he is just so excited that he is going to sneak through the door before he gets caught. He is a speedy little crawler!