Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Window watching

Trotwood loves looking out the window.

He also loves licking it.

He's become a master at pulling himself up on just about anything.


Desiree said...

That is such a beautiful pic on the first one!!!! I can tell he is going to be like his dad and into way more trouble than is worth. Better keep all Mikey type people away from influencing him.

Amber T said...

Tooooooo cute!!

Michelle said...

That is too cute! He is getting so big! I love the chubby baby belly and dark hair!

Cormorant said...


Congrats on commencement, etc. Keep up the good (school)work!

And congrats on getting a house. It is a crazy/annoying/long/annoying/confusing/annoying process, isn't it? But it's worth it in the end! Good luck!

Kel said...

Super cute! Especially love the window licking. Life wouldn't be truly complete without it.