Wednesday, May 26, 2010


This past month has been a whirlwind. With making the four hour drive to visit with Mr. Rochester's family every weekend to Mr. Rochester's graduation to trying to close on a house, the month of May has just flown by. Here are some short updates:
  • Mr. Rochester's dad seems to be doing okay. He started radiation treatments this week and we've tried to be with him on the weekends as much as possible. His brothers flew in town last week and we enjoyed spending some time with them as well. I have pictures and will post some later.

  • We are supposed to be closing on a house on Friday! I can hardly believe this is happening. Mr. Rochester and I are so excited. The home isn't anything fancy but we really like it and it's in a good location. This is crazy, but we close Friday and Mr. Rochester and I are going to try and move in on Saturday (we don't want to pay rent in June). So, anyone in our area who wants to help us move, we would be indebted to you!

  • Trotwood is almost 10 months old. He is getting so big. In fact, he's almost too big for the changing table we have. If he is just laying straight on the table the top of his head touches the top of the changing table with his feet touching the bottom. Where did my little baby go? He is getting into absolutely everything he can, crawling all over the place and standing for a few seconds on his own.

This photo is about a month old (all the recent ones are still on my camera). We love this picture of him just after he woke up from a nap. I love the tousled, nap-hair look.

He's a pretty happy boy most of the time although he is starting to get much more vocal when he doesn't like something (his car seat, for instance, I believe he hates it - I cannot wait to switch him to a forward facing seat!). He babbles "dadadada" all the time and practices his vowels, mostly "Eeeeee" and "Ohhhhhh". It's adorable. We just feel so lucky to have him.


Desiree said...

i Love the two bottom teeth!!!!!!

Amber T said...

Too cute - so glad for the updates on Chris, the house, etc. Wish your move-in date was a weekend we were going to be in town so we could be helpful!! Can't wait to see the house though!

Amber said...


Congrats on the house. How exciting.

Continuing to keep you guys and Mr. Rochester's family in our thoughts.