Monday, May 10, 2010


This past weekend Mr. Rochester walked in his commencement ceremony! He's all done with his master's degree except for that darned thesis. Before our recent family emergency, he was on track to finish it by the end of April but he has extended his thesis into the summer. Also, I'm not sure if I wrote about this or not but we are planning on staying here for his PhD program. We're glad to be staying in the area and we're currently under contract to buy a house! On May 27th we're supposed to close on the house - we just hope everything works out with the inspection, appraisal, and our loan approval.

Here we all are before going to Commencement (we got a baby-sitter for Trotwood). I love this photo of Trotwood and his little disheveled head - he had just barely woken up. After Mr. Rochester's commencement ended around 11:30 am, I had to rush over to another building to the business school's commencement which lasted until about 3 pm. I was in charge of planning and organizing the commencement ceremony for the business school and boy, was I glad when it was over. This past week has been exhausting with a million last minute things coming up but thankfully, nothing went terribly wrong during the ceremony. This is Trotwood and me snuggling Snuggie-style after the ceremonies on Saturday. Can you tell I'm tired?


Amber T said...

Yay! Congratulations to BOTH of you on the completion of Eddie's masters! I hope that finishing the thesis will come easy to him!!

Amber said...

Congratulations!!! That is so exciting. On to the next chapter.

And that's great news about the house... we'll keep our fingers crossed for ya.