Monday, April 19, 2010


Last Sunday, Mr. Rochester's dad went to the hospital and doctors discovered a brain tumor behind his left eye. On Wednesday morning he had surgery and he made it through the surgery. The neurosurgeon was unable to completely extract the tumor and said that the preliminary analysis of the tumor was that it was cancerous and would eventually grow back although we are still waiting to hear the official biopsy results. We were all devastated. Mr. Rochester's dad is 57 years old. That night Mr. Rochester's dad was rushed back into surgery because of bleeding. In a little consultation room in the hospital, we desperately waited and waited for him to be done with surgery.

The scene was all too familiar to me because I'd lived it over two years ago when our daughter was born. Even though it may only have been a few hours, that waiting period almost seems frozen in time. At the time, it seemed like it would never end. Mr. Rochester and I waited for Ada Claire to be finished with her surgery to remove the mass they found in her brain after she was born. In her case, the pediatric neurosurgeon could only stop the bleeding temporarily and we lost her the next day. Thankfully, this time with Mr. Rochester's dad, the neurosurgeon was able to stop the bleeding.

I'm grateful for neurosurgeons. The surgeon who operated on Mr. Rochester's dad began at 6 am and he was the same surgeon to do the second surgery. He told us the news around 11 pm at night. That surgeon had been at the hospital the entire day. I am thankful for their many years of medical school and training so that they are able to help save lives and give families hope. It must also be such a difficult job to have to tell families such terrible news when their loved ones are past the point of a full recovery.

We are praying and hoping for the best and trying to deal with reality at the same time. I keep hoping for a miracle.


Desiree said...

We are praying too.

Jan said...

Oh, my friend, I am so, so sad to read this. My prayers and thoughts are with you and Mr. Rochester's family in this difficult time. Praying for a miracle for you, too. In you want to chat or anything, give me a call. 559-331-8253

Cormorant said...

Wow. Praying along with you!

Kate said...

Thinking about you all. I know a bit how you are feeling--we have a similar family situation currently, and its heartbreaking and nerve wracking and terrible. Love you.