Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Trotwood woke up around 5:45 this morning and didn't want to go back to sleep. Usually, he goes right back to sleep until about 7:45 but not today. Around 7 am he started to get fussy, so I picked him up and brought him into our room thinking maybe he would be happier being in the same room where I was getting ready for work. Mr. Rochester had gotten up early to work on his thesis so I figured I could manage the baby and getting myself ready, something I've done before on several occasions, however, this morning I realized, I'd never done it before when Trotwood was so mobile.

Ever since Trotwood was born, I've had these visions of how he could hurt himself once he was mobile. I don't know if that is weird or not, but I try not to hover over him too much when he's trying to pull himself up by using the windowsill even if in my head, I see him falling and smashing his face on the corner of the sill. One of my visions included him falling off of our bed which probably has happened to most children at some point but I am so afraid of it happening because we have a princess-and-the-pea-esque mattress which makes our bed super high off the ground. I'm not kidding. In fact, when I was first pregnant with Trotwood, Mr. Rochester asked his dad to make me a step stool to help me get into and out of our bed more easily. So I have a nice, wooden step stool on my side of the bed which I still use every day to get into bed and despite the love I have for our comfortable mattress and stepstool, I've had this awful nightmare of Trotwood falling off of our ridiculously high bed and hitting his head on the corner of the stepstool before crashing into our hardwood floors.

Well, this morning because he was so fussy in his crib, I laid Trotwood on our bed and played with him just for a minute to calm him down. Once he was calm, I turned my head slightly for a split second to grab a pair of pants from our closet. I looked back to check on him and saw him in mid-fall from our bed to the ground. Somehow (I have no idea how) I managed to catch him before he hit the ground. It all happened so fast, I think I caught him by the waist or legs and caught him with his head upside-down. Even though I managed to catch him, I think he hit his head on the step stool. He was crying and I'm sure I must have screamed because Mr. Rochester came running in from where he was working. After we calmed Trotwood down, Mr. Rochester had to help calm me down because I was a mess. Just thinking about it now, my heart starts racing. I'm so thankful I manged to catch him and that Trotwood is okay. And I can definitely say next time, I'll be putting Trotwood on the floor to play or just letting him fuss from the safety of his crib.


Joy said...

I feel your pain! It is way scary when little guys decide they are big. I'm glad he's okay and kudos to you for being a fast mover!!

I hope your day got better!

Michelle said...

Oh that is scary! That's so good that you caught him. You really are such a great mom! I know how you feel about the nightmares thing...I have ones about Carson too. Must be a mom thing/ :)

Natalie R. said...

1. You're definitely not abnormal for envisioning all the ways he can get hurt. I remember in Brooklyn, I used to picture losing my grip on the stroller and Samuel rolling into oncoming traffic... That's just part of being a mom, I'm afraid.

2. I'm so glad you managed to catch him, things like that are so scary!! I'm glad that he's fine, and like you said, he's definitely not the first baby to roll off the bed.

Take some deep breaths and be glad that everything's okay. Phew!

James and Sarah Narramore said...

That is super scary. I know exactly how you feel. I do the same thing and imagine worse case scenarios in my mind of what if this or that happens. It is nerve racking. It happens to every mother though. I have watched MaKaela fall/roll down a few stairs before I was able to get to her.

Cormorant said...

Yikes! Nice save. When Ava was a baby, the day she started standing I thought, "I've got to put her crib mattress down a few levels." And as I was thinking that, I heard her FALL OUT OF HER CRIB! I ran upstairs faster than ever and found her screaming on the ground. She (somehow) was fine after a good cry and I was so shaken. It's amazing how tough little kids are!

Amber said...

I'm so glad that both you and Trotwood are safe and sound now. How scary!