Thursday, April 8, 2010

A busy little man

Our little guy has been very busy lately getting into everything. Now that he's mobile, he thinks he has to go everywhere and touch everything to his mouth.
He has a funny little obsession with the knobs on our entertainment center and usually likes to get really close to it, stand up on his knees, and put a whole knob in his mouth.
(Since taking these pictures, we've had to put baby locks on the doors to the entertainment center.)
He has also gotten better about getting himself unstuck from underneath the entertainment center. Usually, if you open the entertainment center doors for anything, even if Trotwood is across the room and sees it, he puts his army crawl into warp drive to try and get into the entertainment center before the doors close on him. It's so funny!
Most of the time, Trotwood still army crawls from place to place because it's his fastest mode of personal transportation. You can usually find him over by the window in our living room playing in the curtains (I probably shouldn't let him do this but it's just too cute...besides I'm not too attached to our curtains).
Last week he started pulling himself up to a standing position and looking out the window, watching cars as they drive by.


Desiree said...

I can not believe how big he is!!!!! Derek used to do the same thing with knobs. I think he just liked how cool they idea.

~Rani said...

He's so adorable!

Shells said...

Such a fun stage!

Auntie Hlrs said...

I would love to see some updated pics of the little man when you get a chance. XOXOXO