Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Thank you all for your prayers. Mr. Rochester's dad has been moved from the ICU to the neurology floor and is slowly recovering from his operation. He should be starting his first round of radiation treatment in a week or so but I don't believe he will be starting chemotherapy until he is more fully recovered from his surgery. We will probably go visit him again this weekend and we all just keep hoping for the best.

Monday, April 19, 2010


Last Sunday, Mr. Rochester's dad went to the hospital and doctors discovered a brain tumor behind his left eye. On Wednesday morning he had surgery and he made it through the surgery. The neurosurgeon was unable to completely extract the tumor and said that the preliminary analysis of the tumor was that it was cancerous and would eventually grow back although we are still waiting to hear the official biopsy results. We were all devastated. Mr. Rochester's dad is 57 years old. That night Mr. Rochester's dad was rushed back into surgery because of bleeding. In a little consultation room in the hospital, we desperately waited and waited for him to be done with surgery.

The scene was all too familiar to me because I'd lived it over two years ago when our daughter was born. Even though it may only have been a few hours, that waiting period almost seems frozen in time. At the time, it seemed like it would never end. Mr. Rochester and I waited for Ada Claire to be finished with her surgery to remove the mass they found in her brain after she was born. In her case, the pediatric neurosurgeon could only stop the bleeding temporarily and we lost her the next day. Thankfully, this time with Mr. Rochester's dad, the neurosurgeon was able to stop the bleeding.

I'm grateful for neurosurgeons. The surgeon who operated on Mr. Rochester's dad began at 6 am and he was the same surgeon to do the second surgery. He told us the news around 11 pm at night. That surgeon had been at the hospital the entire day. I am thankful for their many years of medical school and training so that they are able to help save lives and give families hope. It must also be such a difficult job to have to tell families such terrible news when their loved ones are past the point of a full recovery.

We are praying and hoping for the best and trying to deal with reality at the same time. I keep hoping for a miracle.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

A busy little man

Our little guy has been very busy lately getting into everything. Now that he's mobile, he thinks he has to go everywhere and touch everything to his mouth.
He has a funny little obsession with the knobs on our entertainment center and usually likes to get really close to it, stand up on his knees, and put a whole knob in his mouth.
(Since taking these pictures, we've had to put baby locks on the doors to the entertainment center.)
He has also gotten better about getting himself unstuck from underneath the entertainment center. Usually, if you open the entertainment center doors for anything, even if Trotwood is across the room and sees it, he puts his army crawl into warp drive to try and get into the entertainment center before the doors close on him. It's so funny!
Most of the time, Trotwood still army crawls from place to place because it's his fastest mode of personal transportation. You can usually find him over by the window in our living room playing in the curtains (I probably shouldn't let him do this but it's just too cute...besides I'm not too attached to our curtains).
Last week he started pulling himself up to a standing position and looking out the window, watching cars as they drive by.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Trotwood woke up around 5:45 this morning and didn't want to go back to sleep. Usually, he goes right back to sleep until about 7:45 but not today. Around 7 am he started to get fussy, so I picked him up and brought him into our room thinking maybe he would be happier being in the same room where I was getting ready for work. Mr. Rochester had gotten up early to work on his thesis so I figured I could manage the baby and getting myself ready, something I've done before on several occasions, however, this morning I realized, I'd never done it before when Trotwood was so mobile.

Ever since Trotwood was born, I've had these visions of how he could hurt himself once he was mobile. I don't know if that is weird or not, but I try not to hover over him too much when he's trying to pull himself up by using the windowsill even if in my head, I see him falling and smashing his face on the corner of the sill. One of my visions included him falling off of our bed which probably has happened to most children at some point but I am so afraid of it happening because we have a princess-and-the-pea-esque mattress which makes our bed super high off the ground. I'm not kidding. In fact, when I was first pregnant with Trotwood, Mr. Rochester asked his dad to make me a step stool to help me get into and out of our bed more easily. So I have a nice, wooden step stool on my side of the bed which I still use every day to get into bed and despite the love I have for our comfortable mattress and stepstool, I've had this awful nightmare of Trotwood falling off of our ridiculously high bed and hitting his head on the corner of the stepstool before crashing into our hardwood floors.

Well, this morning because he was so fussy in his crib, I laid Trotwood on our bed and played with him just for a minute to calm him down. Once he was calm, I turned my head slightly for a split second to grab a pair of pants from our closet. I looked back to check on him and saw him in mid-fall from our bed to the ground. Somehow (I have no idea how) I managed to catch him before he hit the ground. It all happened so fast, I think I caught him by the waist or legs and caught him with his head upside-down. Even though I managed to catch him, I think he hit his head on the step stool. He was crying and I'm sure I must have screamed because Mr. Rochester came running in from where he was working. After we calmed Trotwood down, Mr. Rochester had to help calm me down because I was a mess. Just thinking about it now, my heart starts racing. I'm so thankful I manged to catch him and that Trotwood is okay. And I can definitely say next time, I'll be putting Trotwood on the floor to play or just letting him fuss from the safety of his crib.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Bedtime Battles

I know what you're thinking right now. You're thinking, "Oh, what a sweet little boy! He looks so angelic sleeping there in his crib." Well, you're right, he is an angelic little boy when he finally falls asleep. However, I do believe the devil inside him comes out when he realizes we are trying to put him to sleep for the night. Naptimes aren't really much of a problem anymore, it's NIGHTtime where we have the problem.

Usually, we try to stick to a daily routine of two naps during the day and then Trotwood goes to bed around 6:45 at night. Ever since daylight savings time, Trotwood has fought us even harder when it comes to his bedtime. It doesn't matter if we put him to sleep later than 6:45 or if he gets a longer or shorter nap during the day, he will just scream once he realizes we're trying to put him to sleep. We used to rock him to sleep in our arms every night and then lay him down in his crib. Then he started waking up once we put him in his crib. Now he won't even fall asleep in our arms when we are rocking him. Every night I keep thinking all this fuss must be because he is teething (he has 3 teeth now!) but I'm not so sure it is just him teething.

I feel like we've tried everything. Tonight, I'm going for the extinction method and neither one of us is going in his room until he falls asleep.

Ever since Trotwood was born, we've swaddled him in a blanket to put him to sleep (mainly when he was tiny to keep his little arms from flailing around when he was sleeping on his back). Now, he's just used to it and I think he recognizes that as one of the dreaded signs that we are going to try and put him to sleep.