Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A little neglected

I know I've been neglecting the blog a little lately. Here are a few pictures from a trip we took to Texas at the beginning of March. I just love them. I just love this face.
Snuggle time. I have many more pictures I need to post. Trotwood just keeps getting bigger every day. It's so strange to see him mobile and laughing and babbling when he was only such a little thing not too long ago. I'm so happy that we have him. He is such a blessing to us.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Army style

Here is our sweet little boy working on his crawling skills. This isn't anything funny or exceptional, it's just our cute little baby looking cute crawling...pardon my shaky camera hand.



I think I'm in love.

White chocolate + coconut = bliss.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Family Picture

We need a family picture...a good one. Specifically, a picture where my face and hair are actually prepared to be in the picture. Ever since Trotwood was born, I've been wanting to get family photos taken but the problem is...I'm picky...and poor (which don't make for a good combination when you want quality photos)! I know what kind of photographs I want to have taken of our family but I want to be the one to take them...which makes it kind of hard to take photographs with me in them. I'm definitley no Annie Leibovitz but I think I could take a decent family photograph. At least it'd give me some good practice and stay within our tight budget.

This past Christmas, Mr. Rochester bought me a tripod, so one of these weekends (when we have good light outside), I should really try setting up the tripod and camera in our living room and taking some photographs of us. I'd much rather go outside to take them but the recent weather has not been very cooperative. Lately, I've been tempted to just go get our photos taken at some place like
Portrait Innovations because I've heard good things about them and they advertise photographs for only $9.99. Although I don't think I would be particularly happy with the photos, at least we would have some sort of a family photo! Of course, I'd much prefer to either have a professional do it for me or have the digital files myself so I can do fun things to them in Photoshop. For now, I think I'll try my hand with the tripod some weekend.


If you haven't seen this 30 minute video yet, it does an admirable job of explaining the U.S. budget deficits. Although it is somewhat depressing to think about where our nation could be heading without fiscal change, I'm sharing this video not only because I feel passionately our fiscal policies need to change but also because I think it's good nonpartisan information that makes understanding our nation's fiscal situation a little easier. Yes, we can CHANGE!