Monday, February 15, 2010


This year we had a very low-key Valentine's day/weekend. Mr. Rochester and I exchanged cards (we usually like to make them for each other) and just enjoyed one another's company. Friday night, Mr. Rochester and I dressed up to attend our ward's Sweetheart Ball. Here's our self-portrait before leaving the house. We brought Trotwood along since the Young Women at church were providing the daycare. He seemed happy enough before we left the house. I really think he's a pretty happy kid, or maybe he's just in that stage where he smiles and laughs at everything and everyone (don't all babies do that at some point?). The dinner started at 7:00 pm and dancing would start after dinner was over. Trotwood normally goes to bed between 7 and 8 pm so Mr. Rochester and I weren't sure if we would get any V-day dancing in that night. Trotwood is familiar with most of the Young Women at church and he usually goes to other people pretty easily. I let the Young Women know that they could come and get us if he started crying or if they needed anything. And I made sure to mention that Trotwood refused to take his third nap that day. Oh, and he might be a handful because he usually is in bed at this time...and he tends to be a creature of habit. Mr. Rochester and I enjoyed our meal and after about anhour and a half, one of the young women brought in an inconsolable Trotwood. He was just absolutely exhausted and nothing we did would stop him from crying. So, we skipped out on dancing, packed him up in his carseat, loaded him in the car and before we even got out of the church parking lot...silence. That boy was fast asleep.


Desiree said...

LOL! That is the joys of parenthood. Mike and I have started making Presidents day our valentines day. The kids daycare is still open and we are both off work so that gives us the whole day to have a romantic date. Derek joined us this year for otehr reasons but normally it works out.

Katty said...

Aria...he's adorable...i wish i could see him in person! You guys look good too ;) cute pic! -kat