Thursday, February 4, 2010

Trotwood at 6 months

Trotwood had his 6 month checkup on Monday and he is doing great!

Here are his stats:
Head: 17" in the 45th%
Weight: 17 lbs 8 oz in the 50th%
Height: 27.5" in the 90th%

That's right, our little boy is tending to be on the long and lean side right now. Shocker, isn't it? At his doctor appointment, Trotwood was given two shots. I think he is beginning to associate the doctor's office, or at least the examination table, with shots. Before his shots, the nurse weighed Trotwood and we had to undress him for that. As soon as we laid him out on the cushy, red examination bench to start undressing him , Trotwood looked around and started screaming. He never does that, especially when you are undressing him (because he loves being naked). He calmed down and after we weighed him and put him back on the table to change his diaper, he again went into hysterics.

So, to avoid the earlier reaction we got from putting him on the examination table, I held Trotwood in my lap while he got his two shots. He had no outward reaction at all to the first shot, which was in his left leg. No flinching, no crying...nothing! It made me wonder if maybe he was missing some nerves in his left leg...However, I have no concerns about the nerves in his right leg because he burst into tears after that shot. The nurse said that shot would be a bit more painful and Trotwood even has a small bruise on his leg where he was stuck with the needle. Poor kid.

Trotwood has recently started bunching his cheeks up and blowing raspberries at us. Sometimes he does this when he is angry but I think it's adorable.
We started Trotwood on some baby food this week. Despite his acid reflux problem the first few months of his life, our little boy has never had a problem eating. So far this week, the only baby food we have given him is carrots. I think he loved them. Time to try something new tonight!


Amber T said...

Haha - I LOVE the new pictures. There's nothing that can compare to seeing him puff those cheeks and blow all the air out of those pursed lips in person though - too hilarious!!

Michelle said...

I love the raspberry picture! So cute! He's a tall little guy!

Desiree said...

I can not imagine how funny that is to is also amazing how much he looks like his dad. Truely amazing.