Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What color?

What color are my eyes?

Definitely, not blue.

Possibly brown + a little dark green = Hazel

It is still...yet to be determined.
{Shouldn't his eye color have figured itself out by now? I mean, c'mon, he's over 6 months already!}

Monday, February 15, 2010


This year we had a very low-key Valentine's day/weekend. Mr. Rochester and I exchanged cards (we usually like to make them for each other) and just enjoyed one another's company. Friday night, Mr. Rochester and I dressed up to attend our ward's Sweetheart Ball. Here's our self-portrait before leaving the house. We brought Trotwood along since the Young Women at church were providing the daycare. He seemed happy enough before we left the house. I really think he's a pretty happy kid, or maybe he's just in that stage where he smiles and laughs at everything and everyone (don't all babies do that at some point?). The dinner started at 7:00 pm and dancing would start after dinner was over. Trotwood normally goes to bed between 7 and 8 pm so Mr. Rochester and I weren't sure if we would get any V-day dancing in that night. Trotwood is familiar with most of the Young Women at church and he usually goes to other people pretty easily. I let the Young Women know that they could come and get us if he started crying or if they needed anything. And I made sure to mention that Trotwood refused to take his third nap that day. Oh, and he might be a handful because he usually is in bed at this time...and he tends to be a creature of habit. Mr. Rochester and I enjoyed our meal and after about anhour and a half, one of the young women brought in an inconsolable Trotwood. He was just absolutely exhausted and nothing we did would stop him from crying. So, we skipped out on dancing, packed him up in his carseat, loaded him in the car and before we even got out of the church parking lot...silence. That boy was fast asleep.

A neighbor

Over the weekend, my mother-in-law sent me this picture. Our sweet Ada Clair has a neighbor. The cemetery where we buried Ada has an area referred to as "Babyland". The funeral home that manages the cemetery donates plots to those people who have lost infants and young children so only very young children are buried in Babyland. Ada was buried in Babyland and the last two years, Mr. Rochester and I have been wondering when she would gain a neighbor. She has one now, and my heart goes out to her neighbor's family.

Friday, February 5, 2010

My Houseband

Definition: //houseband// {pronounced house buh nd}

1) A married male who cheerfully stays at home, completes his schoolwork and all the housework, lovingly watches and plays with his children, and wholeheartedly supports his wife in all her goals and dreams. 2) A full-time father and husband who is often a full-time graduate student. 3) Is always admired and adored by his wife and children.

Lately, I've been calling Mr. Rochester my houseband because he has been such a wonderful support to me. Every day, Mr. Rochester gets up and takes me to work (we only have one car). Usually, I rush around in the mornings because I don't wake up on time to do anything so Mr. Rochester will make my lunch for me while I'm getting ready for work. Yes, he actually makes me a sandwich and gets other little things ready to put in my lunch. While I am at work, he hangs out with Trotwood all day and has established a rigid eating and nap schedule for the boy to ensure that Trotwood gets the rest he needs (even if Trotwood thinks he doesn't need the rest). In my opinion, putting a baby down for a nap who doesn't want to go down for a nap can be pretty exhausting.

Before Trotwood was born, I was nervous about what kind of mom I would be. I didn't feel like I knew anything about babies - I wouldn't even touch Trotwood's head after he was born because I wasn't sure where the soft spot was and I didn't want to smush his brain! So, I relied on Mr. Rochester's confidence and knowledge about babies and for some reason, he seemed to know a lot about them! Maybe it's just some common sense that I was missing out on, but I truly appreciate having such a helpful husband around. Now that he stays at home with Trotwood, with all that he does, I think that maybe, just maybe he is doing a better job as a stay-at-homer than what I could do. This may be a learning opportunity for me for when our roles change someday. So here are some great things about my houseband.

Mr. Rochester is a master baby-bather!

He makes sure our little guy gets enough to eat!

He is a pro at changing diapers. Trotwood loves having his diaper changed because we (Mr. Rochester especially) always play with him when he's on the changing table.

Amid trying to work on his thesis and caring for Trotwood, Mr. Rochester takes time to make our home a more pleasant place, which makes me a lot happier since I don't have to worry about getting those things done after work. When I arrive home from work, I usually come home to a clean house, a delicious meal, washed and folded laundry, and I always come home to a happy baby boy. He has been planning and cooking all of our meals and I'm not talking about hot dogs & macaroni and cheese. Last week he made ribs in the crockpot and chicken and sausage gumbo from scratch. Amid all of his school and family responsibilities, he still finds time to do service and fulfill his church calling.

Mr. Rochester is such a good father. Even at 6 months, you can tell that Trotwood absolutely adores his father. I'm so glad that they can spend so much time together and I am so lucky to be married to such a wonderful guy.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Trotwood at 6 months

Trotwood had his 6 month checkup on Monday and he is doing great!

Here are his stats:
Head: 17" in the 45th%
Weight: 17 lbs 8 oz in the 50th%
Height: 27.5" in the 90th%

That's right, our little boy is tending to be on the long and lean side right now. Shocker, isn't it? At his doctor appointment, Trotwood was given two shots. I think he is beginning to associate the doctor's office, or at least the examination table, with shots. Before his shots, the nurse weighed Trotwood and we had to undress him for that. As soon as we laid him out on the cushy, red examination bench to start undressing him , Trotwood looked around and started screaming. He never does that, especially when you are undressing him (because he loves being naked). He calmed down and after we weighed him and put him back on the table to change his diaper, he again went into hysterics.

So, to avoid the earlier reaction we got from putting him on the examination table, I held Trotwood in my lap while he got his two shots. He had no outward reaction at all to the first shot, which was in his left leg. No flinching, no crying...nothing! It made me wonder if maybe he was missing some nerves in his left leg...However, I have no concerns about the nerves in his right leg because he burst into tears after that shot. The nurse said that shot would be a bit more painful and Trotwood even has a small bruise on his leg where he was stuck with the needle. Poor kid.

Trotwood has recently started bunching his cheeks up and blowing raspberries at us. Sometimes he does this when he is angry but I think it's adorable.
We started Trotwood on some baby food this week. Despite his acid reflux problem the first few months of his life, our little boy has never had a problem eating. So far this week, the only baby food we have given him is carrots. I think he loved them. Time to try something new tonight!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Over the last few years, Mr. Rochester and I have developed somewhat of a nerdy board game habit. When we lived out west, we lived near a really cool board game store. We first started visiting the store to check out their party games like Cranium and Loaded Questions. The store had so many games that we'd never heard of so we'd spend time looking at all of those games too. Then one year for Christmas, I bought Mr. Rochester a non-party game that he always looked at when we went to the store. The game is called 1960: The Making of the US President and it's a two player political board game where one of you is Richard Nixon and the other person is John F. Kennedy and you are vying for the right to lead the country into the heart of the Cold War. Sound nerdy? Well, it is. Although the game was a little complicated for us to figure out at first, we enjoyed playing it. Thus began our adventure into the world of Euro games and board game nerddom. Shortly after our first venture into boardgaming, Mr. Rochester started a new job and became friends with a coworker who is very into these types of board games. Everyone at the game store personally knew Mr. Rochester's coworker and he even did hours-long demonstrations at the store on how to play some of the more complicated games. Yes, I did say hours long because sometimes it can really take that long to play some of these games. In fact, after we started playing 1960, I think we had it set up on our kitchen table for about a month because we would play when we had time and just pick up where we left off (although I don't think 1960 is supposed to take that long, we were just novices). Mr. Rochester's friend owns a countless number of games and he would invite us over some Saturdays to play games that we never heard of before but came to really enjoy. As a result of all of this, Mr. Rochester and I became hooked and started researching different games we thought we would enjoy on boardgamegeek.com. Here are some of our favorite games:

We LOVE this game. It is a cooperative game where you are trying to cure diseases before the pandemic spreads all over the world and everyone dies.
This is a political game about the US and USSR during the Cold War.

We are big fans of the Lord of the Rings books and movies and this is a cooperative game where you try to beat the game. There are 3 expansion packs that you can buy for this one and surprise, surprise, we own all 3 of them.

Lost Cities is a two player card game. I like it more than Mr. Rochester, probably because it's quick...and I always win. This is an archaeological game and...it's fun...and easy.
So, now we own all sorts of board games and card games, some of which we still haven't played. The few games we own that we haven't played yet are games that require more than two players, or they're just really complicated and we haven't taken the time to go through the 25+ page rule book. See, we don't openly share our board game nerdiness with others. But now that I've exposed our nerdiness on the internet, I might as well use this time to recruit more players. We're so happy that our friends J & A have moved closer and are willing to play games with us. We wish that Mr. Rochester's best friend, M and his wife, lived closer because we would definitely nerd it up with them. I'm just going to throw out the invitation anyway, if you would like to join our nerd club, I am sure we would welcome you with open arms.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Snowed in

Last Thursday night, we started to get some ice here. Many people were afraid that we'd get another ice storm like the one we had last year, but this year we were lucky and got more snow than ice! The university closed on Friday because of the inclement weather and Mr. Rochester and I happily did not lose our power. I feel bad for those people (like my mom and my stepdad) who did lose power but Mr. Rochester and I enjoyed staying at home and relaxing. It was just...heaven.

J & A, some of our best friends, braved the roads to keep us company during the snowy weather (and I think they may have been out of power for awhile). The roads really weren't that bad after the first day, you just had to be careful of all the other southerners driving on snowy roads who don't know how to drive on them. All weekend long, we nerded it up together and played board games like Heroquest and Lord of the Rings Trivia. Here are some pictures (don't mind my messy house). I love Mr. Rochester's facial expressions in all of these.