Friday, January 29, 2010

Trotwood's first Christmas

We let Trotwood open a present on Christmas Eve.
He thought it tasted good. Turns out, it was only some pajamas.

On Christmas morning, Trotwood seemed really pleased with the 2009 baseball card collection his daddy bought him. His daddy was equally pleased.
Santa brought the rainforest to the form of a Fisher-Price Jumperoo. I think it's just what Trotwood wanted for Christmas.

Here we all are on Christmas morning (taken courtesy of the tripod I got from Mr. Rochester for Christmas)!


Amber said...

How cute!!!! I just love the one where he's in his new chair thingie and he's looking up and smiling so big.

Love the nativity pics, too.

Desiree said...

He is so cute. I bet he loves that chair!!!!! Soon he will be crawling around and getting into all new things.

Natalie R. said...

What a fun Christmas! And I have to say, he got some dang cool presents! I wish I could've gotten all of those 2009 baseball cards, that's awesome!