Thursday, January 28, 2010

On the move

Recently, Trotwood has started reaching for just about anything in his line of sight. If he sees something that he wants and it's just out of his reach, he will stretch and stretch his little body while kicking out his legs so he can try and reach whatever it is he wants (like cords that are usually tucked safely away in our entertainment center doors).
He's also gotten really good at rolling over from his back to his front; however, I have still only witnessed his front to back rollover triumph a few times. Mr. Rochester and I think that he must accomplish this in secret because for a child who hasn't started crawling yet, we're not really sure how he gets from point A to point B. For instance, yesterday, Mr. Rochester placed Trotwood on his blanket on the floor at point A. Then, Mr. Rochester left the room for a few minutes only to come back and find Trotwood at point B, stuck under the couch.
How did he get half of his body stuck under the couch? I've seen him trying to do the army crawl a few times but that's quite a distance from Point A to Point B.Maybe his attempts at doing "the worm" are getting him places. And sometimes, he manages to roll himself up in his blanket, like a little baby taco.
(I have pictures from Thanksgiving and Christmas that I still need to post. I wonder if it is too late to post them since they are months overdue...)


Becki Becki Bo Becki said...

He is so cute! I love his hair. Isaac is getting pretty mobile now too. It's such a fun/crazy age!

Michelle said...

He sure is a little sneaky mover! How fun! Love the pajamas! I think we have those same pj's for Carson to wear in a few months.

Laina said...

WOW! So cute. Hobbes still isn't very mobile. He is taking his time. I think I am ok with that.

He is growing like crazy. I hope our paths cross one day again and I get to meet the little guy.

Amber said...

What a clever baby! He's looking so cute.

Definitely not too late for T'giving and Christmas pics!!! (Imagine me chanting, "Not too late. Not too late," now.)

Kel said...

Heheh! I love that he's stuck under the couch and you took pictures. He couldn't have been too upset about it. Way to go Trotwood!

Natalie R. said...

That's really impressive, what a kid! Samuel used to practice all of his moves when we weren't around, too, so he could do things before we knew it. I think he didn't want us to see him before he really knew he could pull it off. Maybe Trotwood is the same?? :0)