Friday, November 20, 2009

29 years

Last weekend I turned 29 years old. Even though I keep getting older, I don't feel like I am. Whenever I meet new people that look like they are around my age, I usually think they must be older than me. What normally happens is I find out that they are a few years younger than me and Mr. Rochester. I still feel like I am the same age when I got married, so in my head, time just stopped when I was 24 years old. Anyway, I'm going to enjoy my last official year of being in my twenties. Then maybe next year, I can begin my 10 years of being "thirty, flirty, and thriving".

To celebrate my 29 years of life, Mr. Rochester was a trooper and did whatever I wanted to do. We went (together) to a boutqiue show/craft fair and then walked around an outdoor mall. My sole purpose in going to the mall was to visit the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory to get one of these:You can try and convince yourself that these apples must not be as good as they look. But believe me, they taste better than they look. They are absolutely delicious! The first time I ever had one of these caramel apples was during our honeymoon. After that I was hooked. While we were still living out west, Mr. Rochester and I made it a tradition to get caramel apples around our anniversary...and sometimes, if we (usually me) had a craving, we would get them at other occasions during the year. When we moved to the south, I was sad to leave behind our fun tradition. I didn't think a place with the name "Rocky Mountain" in it would be anywhere near us. However, a few months ago, to my delight, I found out that there is a Rocky Mountain Chocolate factory about 25 minutes away from where we live. Getting that apple was the main thing I wanted to do for my birthday. I got one and it was delicious. And guess what...our anniversary is next month so I should get to enjoy another one of these again soon! We have to keep the tradition alive!

The rest of the day we watched football and visited with some of our best friends who recently moved to the area. To top off the day, Mr. Rochester served up pieces of an Oreo Fudge Brownie cake from Cold Stone Creamery (another one of my absolute favorite places). He did a fantastic job choosing the cake. All in all, it was a wonderful day.


Amber said...

Where is the Rocky Mtn Chocolate Factory near you?! Jealous!!

I love those caramel apples. A weird coincidence -- I also tried one for the first time on mine and Mark's honeymoon.

Miss Summerson said...

lol That's so funny you tried one of those on your honeymoon too, Amber! I couldn't believe it when I found out there is one in Rogers at the Promenade and one in Eureka Springs. I was ecstatic when I found out. My life in NW Arkansas is now complete!! haha

PS You guys just need to make a trip up here and we can all go together!! It's been so long since we've seen you!

Laina said...

Happy Happy birthday. It is funny how time just stops at a certain age and in your mind you never seem to get any older. Glad you had a happy birthday.

Desiree said...

I am staying at 25 for about another 6 years.

Mama Bean said...

MMMM apples!! I totally was thinking earlier about our trip to The Roof for dinner and how fun that was and how I would LOVE to do it again. Then alas I remembered that you live WAY far away.

Candy Fam said...

we have those everywhere in cali. we actually just went there today. yummy! Happy birthday my friend... I will call you when we finally get home... I have so much to tell you and I miss you like crazy!