Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Are you scared yet? We took some pictures of Trotwood in his Halloween outfits and after the first few this is the face that we got. Actually, we see this face quite often, but we love it. I've decided that photographing a wiggly 3-month old is quite a difficult task. Yes, that's right, our sweet little baby turned 3 months old yesterday and I really cannot fathom how fast time is passing. Mr. Rochester and I just love witnessing all of Trotwood's new accomplishments. Trotwood coos, gurgles, smiles, and even laughs on occasion. Here are some snapshots we took for Halloween.
Here is the entire skeleton outfitTrotwood sporting his giraffe costume in his carseatTrotwood and his bearded father Trotwood's cute little giraffe bumMe and Trotwood (I got my hair cut a week ago)

Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Great Diaper Experiment

This past week, Mr. Rochester and I have begun what we are referring to as "The Great Diaper Experiment". Since Trotwood was born, we have not purchased any diapers ourselves up until now. Many of our friends, families, and coworkers just gave us diapers at showers or if they had smaller sizes their kids had grown out of. Some of the diapers were loose and out of packaging so other than the diaper size, we weren't sure what type of diaper we were using. Some diapers given to us were older versions of current day brands which are not made anymore while other diapers were types you could only purchase online. So, we aren't really sure which diapers work the best for Trotwood. We are very grateful to everyone for all of the diapers we were given -- to me, a diaper is a diaper. I don't care if someone gave me a bag of diapers that is two years old, we could still use it and it was free!

However, now that Trotwood is in size 2 diapers, we recently purchased all different diaper brands in size 2s to see which diapers we like the best. We have a selection of Huggies, Pampers, Luvs, and Parents' Choice. I've heard that the Sam's Club, Member's Mark diapers are good but I'm hesitant to purchase them because you have to buy them in bulk and...what if we don't like them? So, what types of diapers have you found that you like the most?

I also want to commend my friends who are currently using, or even intending to use, cloth diapers. I applaud and admire you. I too would like to help save the environment, but I am going to have to do it another way since I must opt for the ease of using disposable diapers.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Trotwood's baby blessing

About a month ago (September 20th to be exact), we had Trotwood's baby blessing. I'm late getting these pictures up on our blog but I just wanted to say thank you to our friends and family that were able to make it. We had a great time visiting with everyone. Here is Trotwood in his little white tuxedo he wore for the blessing.
Trotwood and part of his daddy's face...
P.S. My first day back at work went just fine. Mr. Rochester and Trotwood did great, using my breast pump at work went great, and learning my new job has not been overwhelming. So, I think we can do this.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Back to work

Well, tomorrow is the day I have not been looking forward to for the last three months. I have to go back to work. I feel very sad about having to leave Trotwood and go back to work but I understand and have accepted that we need the health insurance. Although I hate the idea of leaving Trotwood during the day, I am just grateful that Mr. Rochester's school schedule is such that he will be able to stay home with Trotwood while I am at work. A friend from church has offered to watch Trotwood a few hours a week while Mr. Rochester is in class.

I keep worrying about how everything will be after am I going to get enough sleep at night in order to get up for work in the morning? Will I be successful in using a breast pump at work so I can continue to breastfeed Trotwood? Will I have the energy I need to continue to get up in the mornings and exercise before I go to work? How will Mr. Rochester be able to complete all of his schoolwork and finish applying to PhD programs when his time is taken up all day watching our beloved Trotwood? And the list goes on...Whatever happens after I go back to work, I know everything will work out somehow. Worrying doesn't do any good, but unfortunately it is just something that I do.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Dreft: Love or Hate it?

Since Trotwood was born, we've been washing all of his clothes with Dreft laundry detergent. I've heard great things about Dreft and how it is gentle on a baby's skin because it is free of dyes and perfumes. However, I don't love using Dreft on his clothes. They don't smell clean to me when they come out of the wash. In fact, they don't really smell much like anything (probably because there are no perfumes in Dreft) and I like the "clean" smell of laundry. Also, I feel like Dreft really fades Trotwood's new clothes after just the first wash. How do you feel about Dreft? I think I'm going to try washing one of his clothing items with the detergent we use on our clothes to see if his skin will tolerate it.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

No guilt

Trotwood is one of those babies who wants to be held all of the time. Maybe all babies are like this but since this is my first experience I don't know any differently. We have a baby bouncer and a swing and we have tried them both with him. He'll sit in the bouncer for a few minutes as long as someone is in the room paying attention to him and he absolutely detested the swing at first. Slowly, we have been working more "swing time" into his schedule - mainly so we can have short breaks. If he falls asleep on us while we are holding him we can put him in the swing and sometimes he won't wake up for about 20-30 minutes.

He also doesn't like to take naps during the day. Let me rephrase that, he doesn't like to take naps during the day unless you are holding him the entire time. As soon as you think he is asleep and try to put him down, he wakes up. We've tried letting him cry it out for naps but he has cried for an hour straight without taking a nap. We've also tried putting him down for naps and letting him cry for 10, 15, and then 20 minute intervals and that method has not been successful for us either. Despite that, we are very lucky that Trotwood is sleeping well at night in his bassinet. He only wakes up once or twice during the night to eat and then goes right back to sleep. I love holding my baby but every now and then I would like to be able to take a break without him screaming at the top of his lungs. You think after about 10 minutes, he would stop. No, not our little boy - he must be heard.

Last week I really needed to get some things done around the house so I tried putting Trotwood in his bouncer in front of the television and turned on Baby Einstein Van Gogh. Mr. Rochester's mother gave us two Baby Einstein videos and we hadn't tried them out yet. Although I hated the idea of parking my two month old in front of the television, I was willing to try it out so I could do a few things around the house...and it worked! Trotwood sat in his bouncer and "watched" the entire Baby Einstein video (which was only 20 minutes long). I tried putting the video on again for him after the 20 minutes was up but he was done with it. Since then I've had some more success with the video and decided to make the following purchase on Ebay. It's the Baby Einstein DVD Collection and includes 26 Baby Einstein programs. I think this will be good way to preserve my sanity for at least 20 minutes during the day and I don't feel one bit guilty about having Trotwood "watch" 20 minutes of a Baby Einstein video. It's educational.